concrete cutting  near me
concrete cutting near me

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concrete cutting contractors
concrete cutting contractors

m25 concrete cutting, core cutting, concrete cutter contractor

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core drilling_edited

m25 diamond drilling

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concrete cutting  near me
concrete cutting near me

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 London  Concrete Cutting, Core Drilling, Diamond Drilling

Our London Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling Services

We provide our dear customers in London and surrounding areas in Great London with our excellent concrete cutting and core  
We provide our customers with premium quality services for a fair and highly competitive price. We provide a range of services that will provide you with a precise and clean cut in your concrete. This will make adding plumbing much easier as well as doors and windows. We are experts when it comes to our work so whatever your concrete cutting needs are, we are the right team for the job.

We are very proud of the great work that we do. We have very high professional standards when it comes to our services. We believe that our ability to meet and even exceed these standards on every job is paramount to our success as a business. We employ the best contractors that we can find. Our team have years of training and experience as well as an excellent work ethic. We also equip our team with all of the tools and equipment for the job. This ensures that our high standards are always met. This allows us to continue to grow and develop our business.

Core Drilling and Stitch Drilling in London

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  Our professional staff has experience in commercial concrete cutting and coring – including contract drilling and sawing.

  We specialize in, but are not limited to all kinds of concrete cutting, from Core Drilling; to Concrete Saw Cutting: Hand Sawing, Slab Sawing, Wall Sawing, Wire Sawing, Wall Chasing, Floor Chasing and Demolition.


  Mtc - A Diamond Drilling is an experienced team of diamond drilling and concrete cutting contractors located in the West Midlands, but covering all of England. We specialize in diamond core drilling (coring) and employ the most experienced professional cutters using the latest diamond cutting and coring methods and equipment.
  There are no limits to our abilities to core drill any size hole; to saw cut any floor regardless of depth; to wall saw any size opening.

We drill holes in concrete, monolith, reinforced concrete,   FBS blocks and bricks

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Reinforced concrete

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  Diamond core drilling is usually used when drilling holes in concrete or in-situ reinforced concrete is required. Core drilling machines are usually powered by 110v, but hydraulic systems are used for large diameter holes.

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We provide our London customers with an effective and mess-free concrete cutting service. We will cut through your concrete using methods that reduce the output of dust and dirt. This will prevent damages to the local ecosystem as well as reduce the mess caused by our work.
We also will clean up after we have finished so you have a clean and mess free property.

Concrete slab cutting is one of the many great services that we offer to London homeowners and businesses. We will provide you with a precise cut for your concern slab. We use the best machinery and equipment and we know how to effectively use it. This ensures that you get a precise and exact cut in your concrete slab. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


There are many benefits to both chain sawing and hand sawing concrete on and around your London property. Chainsawing concrete is a relatively quick and easy process when the concrete is easily accessible and there's no risk of damaging whatever is behind or beneath it. This will save a lot of time and hassle. Hand sawing does not use any energy or power and is the best method of cutting certain kinds of concrete but not others. This can lead to significant savings on your energy bills. We will provide you with the services that are best suited to the task to ensure the best results

Concrete Wall Sawing In LONDON


We are a highly-skilled, licensed, insured concrete cutting company in London with the equipment and experience needed to cut your concrete walls safely and properly.

Window & Door Sawing 

Sawing windows and doors into your concrete can be a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your London home or business.



  • Round, square holes in the ceiling

  • Drilling or Stitch Drilling inter-floor monolithic, concrete and hollow slabs

  • Possibly clean, with water collection


  • Holes in the wall for ventilation, sewerage, exhaust

  • Brick, reinforced concrete, panel

  • We drill walls made of bricks and lightweight concrete without dust and water


  • Air vents and vents of different diameters

  • The foundation will not suffer, will not crack

  • Any depth of drilling, at an angle, we will gain a foothold in any loose foundation

We take great pride in the excellent services that we supply to customers on both residential and commercial properties in the London area. 
No job is too big or small for our team of experts to handle with precision. To learn more about any of the great services that we offer or to hire us for a job, give us a ring or send us an email today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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