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Concrete Coring, Diamond Drilling Services in Cheltenham 

The Mtc-A company offers professional core hole drilling services of different diameters in any materials: concrete, highly reinforced concrete, monolith, brick, etc., required for laying various communications.

When installing ventilation, openings are required to lay air ducts through walls and floors. In this case, it is ideal to use diamond drilling. The work is carried out using water, therefore there is practically no dust. The ventilation holes will be smooth and in most cases will not require liners. Technological openings obtained as a result of drilling concrete are ready for further installation of communications within a short amount of time. Making holes using diamond technology is fast and high-quality work.
Such work in our company is carried out only by specially trained employees. By ordering hole drilling from Mtc - A Ltd, our Clients use the services of professional specialists who will carry out diamond drilling work efficiently, cleanly and on time.
We drill walls, ceilings made of concrete, brick and monolith using modern Hilti equipment. As a result of the work, there is no chiselling method and increased noise levels; in other words, the plaster does not fall off due to vibration. The amount of debris is minimal; an even core is removed from the hole, which can be conveniently thrown into the nearest container. Today, diamond drilling is actively carried out in Cheltenham in residential buildings, where new Internet providers and telephony operators are actively entering. Basically, in such houses, drilling is carried out in the ceilings on common areas, where cables are then laid in special pipes.

To carry out diamond drilling, the customer must provide:

  • power supply 110/240V

  • water supply (plumbing)

  • equipping the workplace with scaffolding etc. when working at heights

  • illumination of the work site during diamond drilling in the dark or in dark places

In fact, diamond drilling (drilling) of concrete in Cheltenham is the optimal means of producing various technological openings and openings. What previously took a lot of time, large physical and material costs, discomfort, and in some cases the impossibility of producing openings and holes, now does not represent a particularly difficult task. In any conditions, in various buildings and premises, before and after renovation, with various materials.

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  Hilti core drilling machines, recognized throughout the world, are also famous in UK. Thousands of holes are produced every day using diamond drilling machines for a variety of materials. Diamond drilling of walls and ceilings in Cheltenham today is the most optimal, and often the only method for producing holes.

The absence of chiselling and vibration during work is very important for many floors in buildings. Hilti diamond drilling equipment enjoys stable popularity for reliability, quality, availability of information, manufacturer support, ease of use and management. Perhaps in UK there is no better approach to the buyer regarding diamond equipment and tools

Drilling holes in concrete with a diamond core bit

Mtc- A Diamond Drilling company experts specialize in drilling blind and through technological holes of various diameters using professional diamond equipment. Branded drilling rigs allow you to create holes with ideal geometry to meet any consumer requests.

The use of modern diamond tools is successfully introduced by Mtc-A  specialists into the process:

Drilling technological holes in horizontal, vertical, inclined planes;

Installation of ventilation ducts, heating system;

Laying sewerage, pipelines and cable lines;

Forming holes for arranging hoods, vents, air ducts.

Experienced performers perform the following steps when
manipulating diamond equipment:

Select a diamond bit of the appropriate diameter for a specific

Measure the specified drilling depth;

Apply markings;

Reliably fasten the installation with a diamond drill, ensuring strong fixation of the working surface;

Organize an uninterrupted process of supplying water to the instrument to avoid overheating and premature failure;

Install a tank to collect waste water;

The unit is started and a full drilling cycle is performed, followed by cleaning the work area.

Impact-free technology for drilling holes in concrete with a diamond crown prevents cracking of the material of building structures, thereby minimizing the risk of collapse and weakening the load-bearing capacity of walls and floor slabs. Increased safety is a key criterion for the quality of dismantling, which provides the opportunity for long and efficient operation of the property without any restrictions or concerns.

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 Drilling holes in reinforced concrete

Home repairs, restoration and major construction, ordinary household needs - the need to drill reinforced concrete structures arises very often. Due to the complicated maneuverability of the heavy-duty structure of reinforced concrete, it is impossible to do without professional, powerful equipment.

Identification of functioning wiring, pipes and cables in the walls to ensure the possibility of their further operation;

Applying markings to accurately place the crown in a given place on the wall structure;
Smooth start of the tool and compliance with the optimal drilling mode, in order to prevent premature failure;

Ensuring an uninterrupted supply of coolant to preserve the working life of the crown and eliminate dust in the room;
The operator acts according to a clearly established scheme - this contributes to:

Preservation of the load-bearing capacity of wall structures;
Prompt implementation of assigned tasks without exceeding the budget specified in the estimate;
Maintaining the maximum level of safety at the site;


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