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Diamond drilling in concrete

   Core Drilling refers to a technological process of making neat holes in concrete and other building materials. When working, tools are used that have a special crown coated with diamond elements.

As a result, specialists create perfect holes with smooth edges. After that, they do not need additional processing, and cracks do not appear on their surface. Another key advantage of the technology is the almost complete absence of dust and loud noise during operation.
We have specialized in concrete core drilling in London, West Midlands, Manchester, Northampton, Liverpool,
 Cheltenham covering All England. Our company works with absolutely any objects, regardless of their shape and size. Our regular customers are both large construction companies and ordinary individuals. In our work, we use modern equipment from world brands. At the request of the client, all detailed information about the technical process is provided.                                  
Technology features 

  1. High cutting precision. Full compliance with predetermined parameters.

  2. The holes do not need further grinding. The surface is as smooth as

  3. possible.

  4. No outside noise. For this reason, the equipment is actively used both in

  5. under construction and in rented housing.

  6. Ability to drill both vertical and horizontal holes.

  7. High speed.

  8. No dirt during work.   

Where is diamond drilling used?

Diamond drilling, the cost of which is still democratic, is most effective when carrying out major repairs or construction. Thanks to the technology, it is possible to make openings for the installation of the following communications:

  • Heating;

  • electricity;

  • water pipes;

  • ventilation.

Diamond drilling in England is actively used to create a wide variety of holes.
Diamond drilling in concrete has many advantages, including: 

Benefits of diamond drilling holes in concrete:









In addition, diamond drilling is inexpensive. Customers get a perfect result with an optimal price-quality ratio.
We offer our customers high-quality equipment from trusted manufacturers. Our tools show high performance in the most difficult conditions. We use interchangeable crowns, so the equipment is ideal for holes in a wide variety of openings.

What is the equipment for core drilling?
The standard tool consists of such elements as:

  • Cooling system;

  • electric motor;

  • stand;

  • the diamond crown itself.

The last element is the main one in the system. A crown is a cylindrical metal tube with teeth made of a special alloy containing diamonds. As it spins at tremendous speed, it begins to slam into the material, grinding it down and turning it into almost imperceptible dust. All recycled material is thoroughly washed off with liquid and removed with a construction vacuum cleaner. In this case, water is needed to cool the crown, preventing potential damage.
In one minute, the equipment is able to go to a depth of 6 cm. To create a through-hole in an apartment building usually takes no more than 15-25 minutes. In addition, we also have equipment that is capable of making openings in reinforced concrete. We can make holes up to 10 m deep. At the same time, you should not forget that the diamond installation is not only placed perpendicularly. It can be installed at any angle with respect to the surface. This is possible thanks to a special hinge.

Prices for Core Drilling, Concrete Cutting, Diamond Sawing
Diamond drilling itself, the cost of which depends on the many details of the order, is a complex process. However, we try to maintain optimal prices based on specific factors:

  • Depth, number of holes and their diameter;

  • pitchfork material;

  • drilling angle;

  • the presence or absence of the need to fix the equipment;

  • easy access to the surface;

  • availability of electricity and water at the facility;

  • scope of work.

The customer will know the cost of diamond drilling holes in concrete even before signing the contract with the company. Managers provide detailed information about future work and provide the necessary consulting support.
Lead time

We start working immediately after receiving an application from a client. After that, the duration of the work and its complexity are set. It usually doesn't take more than an hour to drill one hole. However, heavier jobs can take several days. For example, this may concern the preparation of the walls of a private house for the installation of communications. But our team is always doing everything to finish the job as soon as possible.
The time of work is indicated in the contract. We always strictly adhere to the observance of the agreed deadlines. If necessary, the client can order urgent drilling. Everyone chooses what suits him.

Diamond drilling of walls - high quality and affordable
If you need to quickly make holes in the walls to install heating, electrical wiring or ventilation, you don't have to worry. Our specialists solve these issues in the most professional way. After signing the contract, employees quickly arrive at the site.
Our company is ready to cope with orders of any complexity. We work with both legal entities and individuals. For large volumes of work, we make pleasant discounts. Payment for services is made in any way that the client chooses.

Diamond drilling in reinforced concrete remains the most efficient way to drill holes of any depth. The technique copes with any materials. If you want to verify this, call us or leave a request on the site.

Diamond Drilling services West Midlands
core drilling in concrete
instument accuracy

 Instrument accuracy; 

creating a flat surface; 

 no need to remove construction debris and dust after work.

the ability to carry out necessary work as quietly as possible.

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