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Drilling holes for air recuperators - supply and exhaust ventilation

Do you want to always have fresh air indoors?

We decided to install a supply and exhaust valve or a recuperator, but were faced with the problem of how to make a hole in the wall without violating its load-bearing capacity?
Diamond drilling specialists will come to your aid.

For supply and exhaust ventilation to work, it is necessary to ensure air intake from the street. For this purpose, it is necessary to make a through hole in the outer wall of the building. And here the question arises: how to make a hole quickly and without damaging the walls.

Our specialist will help you solve this problem using a professional tool with a diamond crown. It will quickly drill a through hole in a wall or ceiling consisting of concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, stone, etc.

The diamond drilling unit operates in a non-impact mode, which eliminates the occurrence of chips, cracks and destruction of the working surface, ensuring maximum safety of the building structure.

Before starting work, it is important to decide on the diameter of the crown, since accurate calculation is important here so that the supply valve fits tightly into the manufactured hole.

To calculate the hole diameter, measure the diameter of the recuperator. Let's assume that the diameter of the recuperator is 15 cm, and if the kit includes insulation, then add another 2 cm for the insulation. To securely fix the valve in the hole, it should be foamed with foam, therefore, it is worth adding another 1 cm. As a result, we get a hole for the valve supply ventilation 18 cm (180 mm). This is exactly the diameter of a diamond crown.

The work technology provides for the use of water during the diamond drilling/drilling process. A small amount of water flows onto the diamond bit, which cools the bit from overheating and contributes to the deposition of dust generated during drilling. In the premises, work is carried out with the mandatory collection of waste water in order to prevent leaks.

After completing the drilling, we obtain a through hole with a perfectly flat surface that does not require further finishing.

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