Diamonod Drilling, core drilling
Diamonod Drilling, core drilling

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ring sawing
ring sawing

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floor sawing
floor sawing

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Diamonod Drilling, core drilling
Diamonod Drilling, core drilling

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diamond drilling, core drilling
concrete drill, diamond drilling, core drill

 We drill holes of all diameters and depths through any concrete structure.

Communications in modern buildings have a complex and branched structure, often they have to be laid at the most unimaginable angles. For the production of non-standard holes in tough materials, diamond angled drilling technology is best suited. Other tools - for example, punchers - simply will not cope with this task.

They lack either power or accuracy.

Our Diamond Drill company in Birmingham, covering All of England   (including London, Manchester, Liverpool) offers a full range of concrete cutting and drill services in Birmingham. We are ready to create a hole at any given angle in any high-strength material, including reinforced concrete. If necessary, work can be carried out even indoors with finishing.

Our Drilling Company working without days off. Operational exit. Professionals. Any difficulty.
Qualitatively, quickly, without noise and dust.

   • Drilling holes in building materials (reinforced concrete,
concrete, brick, aerated concrete)
    • Holes in concrete for laying engineering networks
   • Core drilling under the air conditioner, under the
   • Drilling holes in building facades
   • Drilling concrete at construction sites
   • Core drilling in the wall
   • Diamond Drilling walls, ceilings, foundations
   • Diamond Drilling vents and vents in the foundation
   • Concrete Drilling process holes
   • Production of window and door openings
   • Making openings for ventilation ducts.

Birmingham Core Drilling, Concrete Cutting, Diamond Drilling

stitch drilling.jpg
diamond stitch drilling.jpg

Stitch Drilling can be used to create large openings and slots in walls or in floors particularly so in areas where access is difficult or restricted. Diamond Stitch drilling uses a series of overlapping core holes to create the opening required. It is often used when other drilling methods won’t achieve the required outcome.

 By overlapping core holes to form one larger hole, this gives you the option of unlimited sizes and shapes.

  Concrete cutting, what is it 

 Concrete cutting is a technological process that provides the formation of openings in structures made of concrete and stone, brick and reinforced concrete. Similar technology is used to smooth corners, refine openings and expand them, and lay utilities. The process consists of marking, sawing the seams and creating an opening.
Why diamond concrete cutting? It is known that diamond is the hardest material on the planet, therefore its wear during operation is minimal.

  Why diamond concrete cutting is needed
The use of concrete cutting technology replaces the impact-perforating method, which is common in construction and the implementation of repairs. High-tech diamond cutting of concrete simplifies and speeds up construction, the process guarantees the production of technological holes of the required types:

  • Door and window openings in monolithic structures;

  • Gutters for laying engineering communications and wires.

In a few hours of work, you can get a hole for a safe in the wall, a niche for a fireplace or a dressing room, a TV or shelves. Due to the high precision of the work, no further processing of the cut edges is required. With the use of diamond cutting technology, the partial and phased dismantling of buildings for any purpose or redevelopment of an apartment is carried out.

  Benefits of using diamond cutting

Diamond cutting, carried out using specialized equipment and tools, has a number of advantages, among which we can first of all highlight:

  • No dust on site. During surface treatment, the generated dust is collected by a dust collector or deposited by a water supply. Water consumption is 4-10 litres per minute;

  • Maintaining the integrity of the structure. Special equipment does not exert dynamic or shock, vibration load on the treated surface;

  • Obtaining geometrically even cuts. The design features of the tool are used to provide a cut with minimal deviations from the markup;

  • Minimum time investment. Similar surface cutting operations per work shift using scrap and a perforator take from 3 to 5 days. Diamond cutting allows you to finish work several times faster.

  Types of diamond cutting

There are 2 classification methods. According to the first, there are:

  • Dry cutting - the diamond blades used in it do not require cooling with water, which is offset by the low speed of work (the tool overheats and must be cooled every 3-4 minutes) and rapid wear. Suitable for cutting small recesses (up to 200 mm). Suitable for the construction of houses remote from water. Or when performing work in rooms where finishing has begun. But it is better not to use it indoors due to the abundance of dust and noise.

  • Wet - is characterized by a higher speed of work and provides less tool wear during operation. Thanks to the use of water, cutting is more precise and less dusty. Therefore, it can be used in residential areas.

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