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Diamond  Drilling, Core Drilling, Concrete Cutting, Sawing, Chasing Services in Coventry  

Communications in modern buildings have a complex and branched structure, often they have to be laid at the most unimaginable angles. For the production of non-standard holes in tough materials, diamond angled drilling technology is best suited. Other tools - for example, punchers - simply will not cope with this task. They lack either power or accuracy.

Our Diamond Drilling company in  Coventry (covering all of West MidlandsLondon, Manchester, Liverpool, Cheltenham )offers a full range of diamond cutting and drilling services. We are ready to create a hole at any given angle in any high-strength material, including reinforced concrete. If necessary, work can be carried out even indoors with finishing.

Our Diamond drill company working without days off. Operational exit. Professionals. Any difficulty.

Qualitatively, quickly, without noise and dust.

   • Drilling holes in building materials (reinforced concrete, concrete, brick, aerated concrete)

   • Holes in concrete for laying engineering networks

   • Diamond Core Drilling under the air conditioner, under the hood

   • Concrete drilling in building facades

   • Drilling concrete at construction sites

   • Holes in the wall

   • Concrete cutting Coventry walls, ceilings, foundations

   • Core drilling vents and vents in the foundation

   • Drilling process holes

   • Production of window and door openings

   • Making openings for ventilation ducts.

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  Processed materials

  Concrete drilling and concrete cutting
 Concrete cutting Coventry is the primary purpose of this technology. Vibration and shock loads are destructive to concrete. Diamond drilling can easily handle M500 and higher concrete drilling without unnecessary noise and dust. The strength of concrete affects only the speed of work and the choice of the crown, but not the quality.
 Reinforced concrete drilling
 Reinforced concrete and monolith are also not a problem, only a little slower, with solid reinforcement, and you will need to choose the right bit for this material.
Drilling brick walls
A drilling machine with a diamond crown can easily cope with brick walls. Brick does not have very high strength and is drilled at high speed, and the cutting tool wears out more slowly, but brick walls are usually much thicker than concrete ones.
The only difficulty in the work is that it is more difficult to fix the drilling
stand to fragile brickwork using anchor fasteners. Usually, we drill a
hole through with a puncher and fasten the frame with a tie rod or use
a spacer stand.



Asphalt drilling
Quite a popular service, required for the installation of road signs, road barriers, supply of communications. It is also used to take a sample of the roadway for the study of composition and quality. The samples are taken to the laboratory. The drilled holes in the asphalt are subsequently sealed, otherwise, water can get into them and freeze in winter, which will lead to damage to the roadway.


Coventry drilling is specifically designed to create cylindrical holes in extremely hard construction materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, brick and stone. It achieves this task with the help of a cylindrical drill bit equipped with super-tough cutting teeth that surround a hollow center. With power provided by the drill’s drive system, this bit bores into the target material to the desired depth. When the operator reverses the drill, the centre of the bit pulls the excised material along with it. The end results is a structurally sound opening suitable for the completion of a wide range of construction-related goals. Experienced operators can also use a core drill for stitch drilling, a demolition process that facilitates the removal of large amounts of material by creating a series of overlapping holes.

The materials used for cutting the surfaces of core drill bits vary. Bits intended to cut through concrete come equipped with teeth made from industrial-grade diamonds, while bits intended to cut through brick and other types of masonry come equipped with teeth made from carbide. Regardless of their intended use, all core drills feature a water cooling system to prevent bit overheating and control dust output.

To achieve the required accuracy, core drills ride on a stabilizing post, which in turn is mounted on the surface of the material targeted for cutting. After determining the right size bit for the job, the drill operator ensures the proper angle for the desired hole, then activates the unit. In addition to making straight-on cuts, a core drill can make cuts at virtually any angle. While cuts are often made on walls and other vertical surfaces, the operator can also make cuts on low and overhead horizontal surfaces, as well as cuts on sloped surfaces. Extenders make it possible to drill to almost any depth.

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