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Diamond drilling in concrete and reinforced concrete based in  West Midlands, covering All England.

 We have specialized in concrete diamond drilling for several years. Our company works with absolutely any objects, regardless of their shape and size. 

As a result, specialists create perfect holes with smooth edges. After that, they do not need additional processing, and cracks do not appear on their surface. Another key advantage of the technology is the almost complete absence of dust and loud noise during operation.
Technology features

High cutting precision. Full compliance with predetermined
parameters. The holes do not need further grinding. The
surface is as smooth as possible. No outside noise. For this
reason, the equipment is actively used both in under
construction and in rented housing. Ability to drill both
vertical and horizontal holes.

   High speed.

   No dirt during work.

Where is diamond drilling used?

Core drilling, the cost of which is still democratic, is most effective when carrying out major repairs or construction. Thanks to the technology, it is possible to make openings for the installation of the following communications:



   water pipes;


Diamond drilling in England (West Midlands:   Coventry,  BirminghamLondon, Manchester, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Derby, Stoke-on-Trent, Telford) is actively used to create a wide variety of holes.

Diamond drilling of walls - high quality and affordable

If you need to quickly make holes in the walls to install heating, electrical wiring or ventilation, you don't have to worry. Our specialists solve these issues most professionally. After signing the contract, employees quickly arrive at the site. All work is carried out without noise and debris. Technology can be applied even in populated homes. The tranquillity of the inhabitants will not be disturbed.

Today, there are a large number of technologies used for drilling holes, but only diamond equipment guarantees perfect results and minimal time costs. Openings do not need to be processed after the completion of work. Drilling concrete walls provide the smoothest possible result.
Our diamond drill company is ready to cope with orders of any complexity. We work with both legal entities and individuals. For large volumes of work, we make pleasant discounts. Payment for services is made in any way that the client chooses.

Core drilling in reinforced concrete remains the most efficient way to drill holes of any depth. The technique copes with any materials. If you want to verify this, call us or leave a request on the site.

 It's simple - today the most modern, technological and environmentally friendly way of making holes in construction work is drilling holes with a diamond tool or diamond drilling.
Why is diamond drilling so popular

Diamond drilling is used at almost all stages and stages of construction, and it plays a primary and most significant role when laying engineering communications through the supporting structures: pipes, wires, etc. It is much easier, both in terms of quality and accuracy of work, and in terms of material costs, which is especially important in our time, to perform monolithic work without installing embedded elements for communications, but to perform them right on the spot. And here you can not do without diamond drilling. You will ask why?

Diamond drilling - in progress

Unlike other methods, holes made with diamond tools

have impeccably smooth edges, i.e. do not require

additional processing. Diamond drilling is not

accompanied by increased noise or vibrations, which

makes it possible to use it even on those objects where

there are special requirements for the work, and which

are not distinguished by the strength of the supporting

structures. Diamond gently cuts concrete or brick,

eliminating the appearance of cracks and chips in the

areas around the holes.

At the same time, the diamond "does not feel" when one

material that is being drilled ends and another begins. For

example, it drills both concrete and steel equally well,

which can be important if you have to go through a

complex multi-layer structure. And one more thing - there

is practically no dust from diamond drilling (it is done

using water), i.e. you can even drill walls where a fine

finish has already been made.

And the low price of diamond drilling is an additional

attractive factor for the customer.


Compactness and mobility of equipment for diamond drilling

A big plus of diamond drilling is that it can be carried out anywhere, in the literal sense of the word. Diamond drilling rigs are very compact and easy to transport. And if for some reason it is problematic to deliver them entirely to their destination, you can always transport them in parts and assemble them right at the worksite. This is not difficult for experts.

The main thing is that there is free space available for the installation of the equipment itself, and it can also be provided with water. And then - holes using diamond drilling can be made with an accuracy of 1-2 mm for each meter of depth. Try to achieve this in other ways!

In general, there is simply nowhere without a diamond in construction, this is a fact.

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